South Africa reached the top 15 list of destinations in the world for 2015

Had it not been for the Ebola outbreak up in West Africa, which has tragically claimed several thousand lives, South Africa would have seen a higher influx of tourists in 2014. Unfortunately, due to South Africa being on the same continent, albeit a few thousand kilometres away from the affected areas, people were reluctant to travel to this area due to the uninformed perceived proximity to the danger zone. Thankfully the Ebola threat seems to be under control so tourists feel more comfortable about visiting this magnificent part of the world!

Peggy Goldman from Huffington Post has recently compiled a list of her top 15 destinations for 2015 which has included South Africa at a comfortable 9th position.

The best wildlife (including the big 5 game) and some of the best wines in the world are two of the major attractions which lure tourists to South Africa every year (there are many other notable attractions but these are my favourite). So if you are looking for accommodation in Johannesburg or places to stay in Cape Town in 2015 then look no further than Three Perfect Days.

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